Reading the fine print...

One day, while reading a label on a pesticide bottle, I discovered something fantastic! A product that was labeled for a hundred other uses with absolutely no reference to carpenter bees at all, in very small print, had a legal disclaimer:

                                                        “Warning... This product is extremely toxic to bees and fish.
                                            Do not use this product in our around domestic honeybees or their  hives...”

“Extremely toxic to bees?” That set the wheels turning! That afternoon when I got home from work, I mixed up a batch of stuff  in my garden sprayer and soaked and flooded their holes., And it killed enough bees that I thought I might be onto something., However, a few weeks later, I noticed a carpenter bee emerging from one of the holes I had sprayed with this new stuff. Talk about disappointment! I was just about ready to give up. That night, I went into my house and sat down thinking about this problem. Suddenly an idea popped into my head., All the next day at work I thought about it and, when I got home that day, I had it all figured out. Now I needed a good test to try it out...

       My Dad had been complaining about his carpenter bee troubles a few days earlier. They had been drilling holes in his barn right above his freshly painted tractor and under the eaves of his house.  The dust that they made ruined his paint job. I called him and asked if he was still having trouble with the bees, to which he replied; “Son, I've decided there ain’t nothing gonna get rid of those bees., I’ve tried everything!” I persisted so he agreed to let me try my new stuff and he walked out to the barn with me to “humor” me. I went to work treating the holes in the structural beams right above his tractor. Again, my Dad emphasized, "Ain’t nothing will get rid of those bees, Son., I’ve even sprayed WD40 in their holes and they are still drilling”. Well, I finished treating those holes in the immediate area above his tractor and eaves and left. I went home and got to doing some other stuff and, to be honest, I completely forgot about my Dads bees.

       A couple days later, I was at work and got a phone call. It was my Dad. He said “Whatever that stuff was that you used in my barn worked! There are dead bees everywhere! They’re all over the ground, all over the tractor, everywhere, and they are still falling out of the holes!!!”

       I was so excited! I had finally hit on something that would kill more than just a few bees! The secret was in the ingredients AND in the way they were combined!!!

When I got off work, I went over to his house and looked for myself. It was just like he said. There were dead bees everywhere! My first thought was, “Man! I gotta market this stuff!” I worked in a hardware store and I knew I wasn’t the only person having trouble with these wood bees! I knew that people would buy something that worked., Sooo... I started the long rough process of trying to get this stuff on the market.

                           You couldn’t believe the headache!

       What I found out, in short was, it is very hard to get a pesticide product on the market, especially when it uses as one of the ingredients a product that has already been “labeled”  for “correct usage”. It seems the Federal Government has set up departments that love RED TAPE and LOTS OF MONEY! They are notorious for collecting huge amounts of money to “allow” a new product to go on the market, not to mention the mountains of red tape they pile up for you to get through. I found out that in order to get this product approved and labeled for “correct usage” it would take a whole lot of time, a bunch of lawyers, and HUGE amounts of money. I had none of those things, so, for about a year, I just kept this new found knowledge “under my hat”.

Meanwhile, I continued to find dead bees and so did my dad! The mixture has a LONG life and keeps killing EVERY BEE that ENTERS or EXITS the holes! It literally turns their own "home" into a "DEATHTRAP", poisoning AND killing ALL emerging hatching bees and mature bees seeking to use the hole...

       Still every week though, people were coming into the hardware store where I worked, desperate for something that would kill these bees. So, I began sharing this “info” with a few close friends. They ALL came back with overwhelming gratitude. Several told me, “Man! You need to be marketing this stuff!” As badly as I wanted to, because of all the legalities and possible liabilities, I couldn’t mix up a batch of this stuff and just start selling it. I had discovered the answer to everybody’s carpenter bee troubles, and I couldn’t do anything with it.

                                             Suddenly, it hit me!

I had an idea! The law says I can’t sell this product without EPA and government approval and labeling, BUT! there was no law that said I couldn’t “teach” people to make the mixture for themselves for a “small gratuity”. So that’s what I have done. I have listed all the ingredients and the amounts needed to replicate my bee killing mixture and am offering this information to people who need it in a “report form” for only $29.99 I offer it with the following  money back guarantee:

                         "If my formula, when mixed and applied as I have directed, does not kill carpenter bees
                                   better than anything you have ever tried, I will send you your money back."

The cost of the instructions  to  make the “Bee Killing Recipe” is only $29.99.
For your $29.99 you'll receive the complete recipe for this amazing carpenter bee killing formula  and the step by step instructions that will show you the special mixing process used to combine the ingredients to make the ingredients keep on killing for months and even years!

The ingredients for the recipe will cost you around $20 (SOLD SEPARATELY) and are readily available at most any hardware or garden supply store. That means you'll be getting rid of your carpenter bee problem for around $49 total! Really and truly, that's a very reasonable price compared to all the alternatives that DO NOT WORK... and you get our recipe with a WRITTEN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

                                        What have you got to lose?
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Hi! My name is Anthony Holloway and, much like you, I had a big problem with some little bugs called “Carpenter Bees”.

Those critters were gnawing holes in my house, my horse run-in shed, my barn and even my wood fences!

I can tell you that I spent a small fortune trying to find something that would actually work. I had tried everything.., powders, sprays, hole treatments, traps and even caulking their holes shut... nothing ever really worked to my satisfaction. I might as well have stood outside and swatted them with a tennis racquet! I was steadily being eaten out of house and home... Literally!
I talked with local County Extension Agents for some ideas., I “hounded” my local “pest control specialist” I did everything that they suggested and my wood bee problems only kept getting worse. Yes, I killed a few bees, but never enough to make a real dent in their population. Finally, I came across an “honest” guy who owned a local pest control company who told me, “There is nothing that will work for wood bees short of building your house completely out of metal”. I still wasn’t satisfied., There had to be a way to eradicate these troublesome bees in large numbers and I was determined to find it!
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